Serve Others

We are His hands and feet.

Want to serve but unsure how? And where?

Browse these service opportunities, all designed to help you grow in your spiritual life, no matter how much time you have, whether you plan to serve individually, or whether you’re seeking a mission project for your whole family.

Serve with a Ministry Partner

While organized by Asbury, these missions opportunities are designed to help you get introduced to the many organizations doing God’s work throughout greater Birmingham. Have a missions project in mind? Email Missions Coordinator Brooke Jackson.

Asbury volunteers at WE Learn at Urban Ministry

Along with several Asbury members, Buddy Coker has been tutoring and mentoring kids in West End as part of Urban Ministry’s WE Learn program. But he missed a week recently and someone noticed. “There was a student who thought I was coming that particular day and he said to Brooke, ‘“Where’s Mr. Buddy?”’ Well, I went back the next week and when he saw me, he lit up. I said, ‘“I told you I’d be back,”’ and he smiled. It made me feel great.”

Asbury plans to continue mentoring students Tuesdays this summer starting June 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Learn how you can help kids at WE Learn at an orientation this Monday, June 6th, from 9-11 at Urban Ministry.

Help with a Mission of the Month

 The work behind these family-focused initiatives happens within Asbury’s walls, so it couldn’t be easier to serve. Interested in leading a mission of the month? Email Missions Coordinator Brooke Jackson.

Support International Missions

On three continents around the world, missionary families are transforming lives by sharing the love of Jesus. Asbury UMC supports three missionary families through prayer, financial support, and hands-on mission work.

Ready to do more?

When Asbury UMC was established in 1986, its founding members and clergy decided that on top of the 10% it gives to The United Methodist Church for ministries and outreach, Asbury would give 10% more to Birmingham and its community partners through its Missions in Action program.

 In 2021 alone, more than $890,000 left Asbury UMC to help others through organizations like Prodigal Pottery, The Wellhouse, Shepherds Fold, and more. Learn more about the programs Asbury backs and choose one to support.

Find out how you and your family can make a difference, whether by volunteering, making a financial contribution, or simply praying for the individuals affiliated with and impacted by each ministry.