About Asbury

How we Worship, Serve & Grow

Reflection time in Modern Worship Night.


Worship reminds us that in God’s kingdom there are no borders or boundaries. All are welcome at God’s table. We do traditional and modern worship and we’re led by male and female pastors.

Traditional Worship Easter 2022


On top of the 10% that supports global ministry in The United Methodist Church, Asbury tithes an additional 10% of its annual giving to local and international missions. We serve because it’s in our DNA and because Jesus commanded it in Mark 12:31: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Asbury Serves at Bundles of Hope in Birmingham, AL


UMC Founder John Wesley firmly believed that to stay in love with God, Christians must practice disciplines including daily prayer and reflection in study and scriptures. Asbury has robust programs for kids, students, and adults to help you do just that.

A student taking voice lessons with Nancy Beard

Our History | About Asbury UMC Birmingham, AL

Rev. Mitchell Williams and 158 members brought Asbury UMC to life in 1986. They envisioned the church to be truly open to all. It would give generously to its community. And, it would make faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Today, Associate Pastor Rev. Robert Mercer says all of those principles remain true for Asbury and its 2,500+ members.

Rev. Mitchell Williams visited Asbury in 2022 for Summer Institute and reminisced about starting Asbury. Then and now, most people aren’t looking for a church, he said. “But they’d love to have a meaningful life and they’d love to be surrounded by people who love them.” That’s Asbury, Mitchell said.

What Does It Mean to Be a United Methodist?

The United Methodist faith is built on teachings of an 18th century cleric, theologian, and evangelist: John Wesley. Rev. Mike Holly explains that there are five phases of Methodism: Being Christ centered, Biblically based, grace fueled, heaven hopeful, and living a caring lifestyle.

Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

Congregational Care Pastor Rev. Maggie Dunaway explains what The United Methodist Church means by its welcoming slogan: Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. “We rely on the holy spirit to move within our lives; we have permission to explore and question faith without judgment or boundaries; and we believe in warmth and inclusion for all,” she says.