Lay Leadership

Many bodies. One church.

Asbury is a place where everyone is welcome to worship, serve, and grow. Service to Asbury comes in many forms and our lay leadership give their time and talents in numerous ways. Healthy leadership is critical to the effectiveness of any organization, and Asbury United Methodist Church is no exception.

Church Council

Purpose:  Provides for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church.  The church council is directed by the charge conference. The Church Council meets at 7:00pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in room 144.

Mike Northrup, Chairperson
Monica Williams, Recording Secretary
Janet O’Neil, Lay Leader
Lee Benson, Board of Trustees
Jay Nichols, Finance Committee
Natan Shar, Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Eddie Duett, Missions in Action Committee
Thomas Hammock, Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Terry Sides, Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Melanie Nichols, Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Brent Falkenhagen, Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Dave Precht, Lay Member at Large, Class of 2024
Melissa Franklin, Lay Member at Large, Class of 2024
Bob Gilbert, Lay Member at Large, Class of 2024
Eddie Harris
Leslie Crawford
Carol Erickson
Becky Paisley
Chris Clark
Rob Rodich
Alice Little

Board of Trustees

Purpose: The Board of Trustees shall have the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the church and of all property and equipment acquired by the local church or by any organization connected therewith. The Board of Trustees meets at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in room 127.

Lee Benson, Chairperson, Class of 2022
Fred Azbik, Director of Facilities
Green Touchstone, Class of 2022
Don Hoppman, Class of 2022
Cole Williams, Class of 2022
Ralph Peck, Class of 2023
Laura Nichols, Class of 2023
Ashley Whitfield, Class of 2023
Brooks Burdette, Class of 2024
Dave Driscoll, Class of 2024
Mike Oatridge, Class of 2024


Purpose: The committee on Finance shall give stewardship of financial resources as their priority throughout the year.  It may delegate the responsibility to implement ways to generate more resources to mission and ministries of the local church and beyond and find creative ways to generate an attitude of generosity. The Finance Committee meets at 6pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in room 126.

Jay Nichols, Chairperson, Class of 2023
Leah Gardner, Director of Finance
Mike Northrup, Church Council Chairperson
Lee Benson, Board of Trustees Chairperson
Janet O’Neil, Lay Leader
Scott Mansfield, Class of 2022
Kelli Busby, Class of 2022
Todd McCormick, Class of 2022
Jay Nichols, Class of 2023
Chuck Kramer, Class of 2023
Max Reeves, Class of 2023
Larry Anderson, Class of 2024
Katie Hammock, Class of 2024
Presley Rebman, Class of 2024

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Purpose: To encourage, strengthen, nurture, support and respect the pastor(s) and staff and their family(s), to promote unity in the church, and to confer with and counsel the pastor(s) and staff on the matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry; relationships with the congregation; the pastor’s health and self-care, conditions that may impede the effectiveness of ministry; and to interpret the nature and function of the ministry. The SPRC is required by the Book of Discipline to meet at least quarterly, but due to the nature of the committee and its purpose, meetings are confidential and are not open to the congregation. If you would like to contact the SPRC chairperson, email

Natan Shar, Chairperson, Class of 2022
Janet O’Neil, Lay Leader
Ranea Breen, Class of 2022
Amanda Benson, Class of 2022
Lea Renfroe, Class of 2022
Bob Suellentrop, Class of 2023
Larry King, Class of 2023
Lenora Jones, Class of 2023
Bill Connor, Class of 2024
Mollie Shealy, Class of 2024
Dana Walcheck, Class of 2024
Melanie Nichols, Lay Delegate Representative
Brent Falkenhagen, Lay Delegate Representative

Missions in Action

Purpose: To be the hands and feet of Asbury United Methodist Church through service and mission. Missions in Action is responsible for distributing at least 10 percent of Asbury’s annual tithes and offerings to local and international missions. MIA also oversees the church’s food pantry, various assistance programs, and strives to serve our neighbors both near and far. Missions in Action Committee meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month in room 127.

Eddie Duett, Chairperson, Class of 2023
Tori Rebman, Class of 2022
Michelle Olson, Class of 2022
Mike Kennedy, Class of 2022
Sam McGarr, Class of 2023
John Lenoir, Class of 2023
Leslie Bice, Class of 2024
Pete Gagliano, Class of 2024
Christy Miller, Class of 2024

Nominations and Leadership Development

Purpose: To identify, develop, deploy, evaluate and monitor Christian spiritual leadership for the local congregation. Members of the committee shall engage in and be attentive to developing and enhancing their own Christian spiritual life in light of the mission of the Church. The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee meets prior to Charge Conference in the fall to develop a slate of nominations for the committees above.

Rev. Dr. Bill Morgan, Rev. Robert Mercer, Rev. Maggie Dunaway, Chairpersons
Janet O’Neil, Lay Leader
Myra Shaw, Class of 2022
Rodney Bennett, Class of 2022
Allison Boyd, Class of 2023
Tom Mullins, Class of 2023
Jenny Southerland, Class of 2023
Jessica Johnson, Class of 2024
Angel McPhearson, Class of 2024
Joe Spain, Class of 2024