Serve at Asbury

Prayers, presence, gifts, SERVICE.

One of the beautiful things about a church family is that we all have different talents. Some of us are leaders. Some do better in behind-the-scenes roles. Some of us fall somewhere in-between.

There are dozens of ministries and service opportunities that keep Asbury running smoothly and help people experience God’s love. To help you find joy and a sense of purpose through a volunteer role, we’ve launched Volunteer Accelerator – a quick survey that aligns positions with your interests and talents. Engaging in service plays a pivotal role in your spiritual journey, and recognizing opportunities that match your unique gifts is like striking gold on your path of faith development!

Once you receive your list of ten positions, we hope you’ll find at least three that truly excite you. You can simply click on a link to access detailed job descriptions. We highly encourage you to reach out to the ministry director responsible for each position by clicking on their email, found at the bottom of the job description. It’s important to note that inquiring about a position does not entail any commitment on your part. Our goal is for this tool to lead you to service opportunities that will profoundly enrich your faith journey. We are dedicated to helping you get CONNECTED and to personally embody the way of Jesus.

Greet the congregation, hand out bulletins, and help collect the offering for Traditional Worship.

Volunteer Spotlight

Ready to start making a difference? You can start right away in these areas!

Kids and Students Ministries
Anchor Community Respite Ministry
Security Team
Traditional Worship Usher
Technology Team

Asbury United Methodist Church Service | More Opportunities to Consider:

Cameras, sound boards, and computers may sound and look intimidating, but no previous tech experience is required for these roles. Our directors teach you everything! Questions? Contact Technical Director Michael Morris.

Nearly 25 security team members serve the congregation on Sundays and lots of events in between. In case of a fire, medical, tornado or violent event, there are things you can do to help our team. Interested in joining the Security Team? Email Leader Mac Chandler.

Sunday school teachers, group leaders, helpers and chaperones. There are lots of little things you can do that make a big impact on a child’s life and faith development. Passionate about kids? Contact Asbury Kids Director Susanne Warren. Think you’re most suited to work with students? Reach out to Student Ministry Graduate Resident Laura Provence.

Giggles & Grace is Asbury’s biannual children’s consignment sale that benefits Asbury and the communities we serve. The sale is entirely volunteer run, including its planning committee. Interested in getting involved? Email the co-chairs.