Mission Bulgaria

They need a little Christmas now.

Did you miss the Missions Assembly with Ben Nelson on July 9? He recently recorded an Asbury B’ham Podcast highlighting the work Pray, Love, Unite Ministries is doing in Bulgaria. Listen now.

Thanks to the help of our missionaries on the ground, we know the names and ages of the children so we can build custom boxes.
The Christmas shoeboxes are trucked to Alabaster First UMC and prepared for shipment to Bulgaria.
Small toys (dress-up jewelry, cars, balls, slinkys, puzzles, stickers, coloring items, candy, toothbrushes, etc.) No liquids!

Asbury partners with Pray, Love, Unite Ministries, an organization serving impoverished gypsy communities in Bulgaria. From food distribution and church planting to orphan care, missionaries with Pray, Love, Unite Ministries and its volunteers are on the ground doing all they can.

Every year, Asbury “adopts” 400 children and church members build custom Christmas shoeboxes filled with toys and everyday essentials. These boxes are often the only Christmas gifts the children receive. We call this “Mission Bulgaria.” After the boxes are filled, they’re shipped to Bulgaria and Pray, Love, Unite Ministries trucks them into The Gita, Hristine, Hristo Boris, and Topolchane villages. They do their very best to get the boxes delivered in time for Christmas.

Stop by the tables outside each worship space where you’ll find adoption cards, boxes, and instructions on how to fill your Christmas Shoebox. Please return your box by Sunday, July 30.

Fill your box with age-appropriate items such as: balls (and a pump), dolls, cars, yoyo, toys that light up (include extra batteries), jewelry, sunglasses, T-shirts (Disney, sports, gaming, pop stars) flashlight, pencils, pens, markers, notepads, crayons, coloring books, hard candy (nothing that will melt), stickers, hair accessories, comb, brush, photos of you and your family, drawings.

DO NOT PACK: War-related toys, toy weapons, liquids, bubbles, gels, toothpaste, shampoos (infant creams are ok but put in a Ziploc bag), storybooks or word puzzles in English, candy that will melt, out of date candy, potato chips in bags, used items, breakable items, aerosol cans, or strongly scented bar soap.

The adoption form should be cut along the dotted line between the two photos. Place the top half of the form inside the box and keep the picture on the bottom half. Hang it on your fridge or somewhere you’ll remember to pray for this child through Christmas and beyond. The registration information at the bottom is just a repeat of the form you have already filled out online and is not needed.

Please place the top half of the form with the child’s picture on it inside the box along with $5 for shipping, either cash or check. Checks can be written to “PLUM” (Pray Love Unite Ministries). One check can be written for multiple boxes, and please note the number of boxes on the check. PLEASE make sure the lid of the box can be easily removed. Do not secure the lid to the box. We will do that in preparation for shipping.

Not on Asbury’s campus? Traveling this summer? You can still support this mission of the month!