Serve Our Students

Volunteer Accelerator

When we understand more about what brings us joy and a sense of purpose, we are better equipped to embody the way of Jesus together. Take a few minutes to complete our Volunteer Accelerator survey! You’ll have your results and a better sense of how your interests and gifts align with the service opportunities and ministries of Asbury UMC.


The A-Team is a team of adult leaders who use their gifts to help students connect with God. The A-Team is made up of different teams that serve in different areas around RESET. CLICK HERE to learn more about the different teams by clicking below!

Join the A-Team

Step 1:

Fill out an A-Team Connect Card so that we can get to know you and determine how to best connect with you for Step 2.

Step 2:

Connect with the RESET A-Team Coordinator who will help you discover your gifts and help you figure out how they best be used on the Team.

Step 3:

Attend the A-Team Huddle before UNITED (Sunday nights) to meet your Team Coach, learn more about the vision for your specific team, and develop your leadership ability and understanding of RESET’s culture.

Step 4:

Join the A-Team by serving your first UNITED right after orientation, putting to use the gifts and leadership that God has given you to impact students and live out your purpose!