Student Leadership Team

Let's do student ministry together.

Asbury’s Student Lead Team Program is an opportunity to make this Student Ministry your own.

Asbury’s Student Lead Team Program is an opportunity for 11th and 12th graders to experience new leadership opportunities within Asbury RESET. As a staff, we’re giving you a voice in everything we do. In SLT, we will offer you leadership development and discipleship opportunities as we do student ministry, together. New 11th and 12 graders: Apply by June 30. Interviews will follow and the team will be formed July 21.


As a member of SLT, you will have opportunities to grow as a leader. You will learn and develop skills necessary to lead people with the hope that you may be a leader, not just in our student ministry, but in the Birmingham community and any other communities that you find yourself to be a part of. You will have opportunities to give teachings and devotions, to pray and read Scripture, to give announcements, to lead small groups and games, to plan events, and carry out your own ideas.


One of the most important elements of spiritual leadership is discipleship. In order to lead others closer to Christ, you must also constantly draw near to Christ yourself. In order to pour into others, someone (or something) must first fill you up. So as a member of SLT, you will take part in some intentional discipleship. SLT meetings will begin with a devotional time (a book study, a student or staff-led devotion, guided prayer, etc.).


Apart from devotional times, the rest of SLT’s time will be spent actively doing student ministry. We will brainstorm and plan events, come up with curriculums, and games, and dream about what we want our student ministry to look like moving forward. The two largest “projects” we’ll work on are Discovery and Fall Retreat. SLT members will be the primary leaders at these retreats and will have the opportunity to speak, lead, and serve in various ways.


SLT will consist of 12-15 members (11th-12th grade). We will meet officially once a month. We may have an extra meeting in the weeks leading up to big events (Discovery, Retreats, etc.). Meetings will last 60 to 90 minutes and will consist of a brief devotional time. If our meeting time overlaps with a mealtime, food will be provided. At least once a year, you will be expected to meet one-on-one or in a small group with staff for some additional discipleship. SLT membership will last for one year at a time. (After a year, you may reapply for another year.) Note: Since we’re starting in the Spring, this particular lead team will last until May of 2023.


When you are in a leadership role, you are seen as a leader in everything you do. The students you lead will look at the examples you set and they’ll follow them. That means that what you post on social media, what you say in your conversations in class, what you do on weekends, and however else you live your life (both at church and outside it) all matters. As members of SLT, we have high standards and expectations for how you act and conduct yourself. If you act in a way that is harmful to our student ministry and the students you’re leading, then we may ask you to step down from your SLT position.

We expect you to attend ALL SLT meetings unless you have a valid excuse and have communicated that with us. (Note: If you repeatedly miss meetings, no matter how valid your excuses are, we may ask you to step down from your SLT position until your schedule is more open).

We also expect you to be active participants in our student ministry. If you’re a leader of this community, then our students need to see you. We expect you to be active participants at our UNITED worship nights as well as one other ministry activity (945 or Life Groups). In addition to your attendance, we expect you to contribute. Pray or read Scripture when we ask for it. Welcome people when they arrive, especially if you see someone who looks nervous or lonely. Pay attention in worship. Set the example of how to act in church.