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The Lord's Prayer, Virtual Study beginning Sept. 17, 2023

Explore its rich lines and learn how to use The Lord’s Prayer as a pattern for your own prayer life in a study based on “The Lord’s Prayer” by Adam Hamilton. The ZOOM class is led by Adult Ministry Coordinator Margaret Grubic beginning at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Note: Rev. Michael Bowman’s Leviticus Study (Sept. 20) will now begin in January 2024.

Ongoing, Online Study

This go-at-your-own pace study is available any time. Simply Access Ministry Grid and create a user name and password. The class is separated into four sections: Apprenticeship Intro, Apprentice, Silence & Solitude, and Prayer. There are a series of videos within each section. 

David Grubic
David Grubic
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I was very happy to learn that this class was going to be offered in an online, go at your own pace, format. I took my first step into a lesson series at Asbury last year with Pastor Robert's "The Walk," and I have looked forward to every one since. I love the different perspectives and styles each pastor brings to the table, and Pastor Michael is no exception. Do yourself a favor and take the class.

UMC Resources

Read Together Initiative 2023

“One of the hallmarks of the United Methodist movement is that we do life together,” says North Alabama Conference Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett. “We pray, sing, serve, worship and build the church together.” This year, you have the opportunity to read through the Bible along with hundreds of North Alabama United Methodists as part of the “Read Together” initiative. You’ll tackle 3-5 chapters per day, M-F and on Holy Days. Read Bishop Wallace-Padgett’s invitation and sign up for weekly emails (for the passages).

Read the sermons of John Wesley, Founder of the UMC Movement

John Wesley (1703-1791) founded Methodism. A prolific writer, he printed several volumes of his sermons during his lifetime. The published sermons either were rewritten from ones that he had preached or were written specifically for print.

Interested in reading what Wesley wrote? His sermons are available online through ResourceUMC and you can sort by number, title, or scripture reference.