Prayer Labyrinth

Find rest & solitude with God.

Asbury’s vision and hope is to build a labyrinth garden on the campus outside the sanctuary on the first floor. What is now an unused spot of dirt and weeds, can hopefully be transformed into a place of hope, healing, and communion with God. The garden will be open to all.

What is a prayer labyrinth?

Maundy Thursday Prayer Labyrinth
Asbury members walk a prayer labyrinth, Maundy Thursday, 2022

Many labyrinths are circular with a single winding path into and out of the center. There are no obstacles or dead ends as in a maze. As each step is taken, you get closer and closer to God, who is there beside you and waiting for you as you reach the center of the labyrinth.

For centuries, labyrinths have been a spiritual symbol of a pilgrimage toward God. It is on this sacred pilgrimage that our wondering soul walks humbly with God, welcoming the Divine to the center of our lives.

What will the garden look like?

Asbury Prayer Labyrinth Rendering

The garden will include a prayer labyrinth, water fountain, and a variety of trees, shrubbery, and flowers. Benches will be placed throughout the garden. Each letter in the image above represents a garden element that can be purchased in honor or memory of a loved one. Or, you can simply make a donation to the general building fund.

Donor Opportunities
Imagine what we can build together!
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I purchased a bench in memory of my late husband, Tim. He would have loved this space.
Ranea Breen
Ranea Breen
Asbury Member