May Mission of the Month

Grace Klein Community


Grace Klein Community seeks to create authentic community (Koinonia) by uniting diverse individuals, businesses, ministries, and churches to work together by sharing what they have in order to meet physical and spiritual needs both locally and globally. 

Here are some of those ways Grace Klein Community spreads the love of Jesus while meeting needs:

  • 1. When restaurants and grocery stores have extra food, they give it to Grace Klein Community, who then gives it to people in need. Have an extra hour? Download to pick up food whenever you have time.
  • 2. Anytime a friend or neighbor needs help, stop by the Grace Klein Community Office and pick up ingredients (FREE OF CHARGE). Prepare the meal, label it with directions and a scripture, and deliver. You can also prepare frozen meals for Grace Klein to distribute as well.
  • 3. Every Wednesday afternoon, flowers are delivered to Grace Klein Community Office. Go, grab a free bunch, and create an arrangement for a friend, senior citizen, public service worker.
  • 4. Write your favorite scriptures on index cards. Either distribute the cards to anyone you meet throughout your day. OR, take the cards to Grace Klein Community to be included in food boxes, etc.

There are more ways you can partner with GKC to help our community. Want to learn more? Reach out to Missions Coordinator Brooke Jackson.