Cutters for Christ

Storm damage? We'll help clean up.

Asbury’s disaster response team (Cutters for Christ) formed in 2013 and quickly responds to natural disasters within a 400-mile radius of Birmingham. From Georgia and Louisiana to Mississippi, Tennessee, and Florida, our team of volunteers packs up their chainsaws, skid steer loader, and tools and goes to tackle downed trees whenever and wherever they’ve fallen.

When not working to clean up tornado or hurricane debris, Cutters for Christ helps clear trees for people and organizations who cannot pay for tree removal. “I know I’m doing what God wants me to do,” says Volunteer Boyd Martin. “It’s an incredible feeling to be able to help someone in need.”

Want to join the Cutters for Christ team? All are welcome—especially those able to travel wherever and whenever disaster strikes. Contact Boyd for help or to volunteer at (205) 907-8396.