Costa Rica Mission Projects

Going where He calls.

What Is Costa Rica Mission Projects (CRMP)?

CRMP is an organization run by Wil Bailey. From building churches to providing daily necessities for the people in their community, Wil and his wife Yolanda have dedicated their lives to serving God through their presence, prayers, gifts, and service and they provide opportunities for volunteer work teams to make an impact on their world.

While the most visible result of work teams is often the structures they build, Wil and Yolanda are equally as concerned about the relationships that are built between teams and their host churches – like Asbury. You are not simply imported foreign labor. You are invited to participate in the church’s embodiment of being the one Body of Christ!

When we think of short-term missions, our minds go to the work we do to help others. But the reality is, serving is about relationships. It’s not a task to perform. When we change our mindset that mission trips are about relationships, then God can work in a powerful way.

2024 Middle & High School Trip

The 2025 Trip to CRMP (Saturday, May 24 – Saturday, June 1) is intergenerational – adults, students, and children (second grade and up) are invited to serve God together. Stay tuned for details!