Notice of

Called Charge Conference

On Sunday, February 27 immediately following the 11:00 a.m. worship service, Asbury will hold a called Charge Conference to vote on the sale of the Asbury parsonage in the Brook Highland neighborhood. The sale has been recommended to the Charge Conference by a vote of the Asbury Trustees and has been approved by the South Central District Trustees. The voting members of the Charge Conference are the current members of the Church Council

Over the past several years, churches like Asbury have transitioned away from providing physical parsonages in favor of providing eligible clergy with a housing allowance. This allows the clergy flexibility in their housing situation, but also affords them the opportunity for home ownership. In 2019, Asbury sold our parsonage in the Meadowbrook neighborhood to provide this flexibility for our clergy staff. 

Proceeds from the sale of the parsonage can be used for clergy housing allowances, capital improvements such as roof replacement, HVAC repair/replacement, construction or renovation of existing buildings,  etc. The proceeds from the sale cannot fund the current budget or operating expenses (Book of Discipline, Paragraph 2543). If approved, the Asbury Trustees will work with the Finance Committee to ensure funds are properly utilized to further the missional and ministry work being done at Asbury.

If you have any questions, please contact David Miller, Executive Director for more information.