Milestone 3: The Bible

How Children Are Celebrated:

Giving a child a Bible is a long tradition within the life of the church. At Asbury we participate in this ritual during a child’s second grade year during Traditional and Modern Worship on Sunday, January 22, 2023. 

On Sunday, January 29, “Bible Boot Camp” begins and over several weeks, we will guide children through scripture and God’s Holy Word through a second-grade lens.

How Parents Are Supported:

Parents meet on the first Sunday of Bible Boot Camp (January 29 at 9:45 a.m.) to review the learning process. You will also find terrific parent resources below.

Family Experiences: 2nd Grade


The Bible

The biggest developmental jump in the life of a 2nd grader is in the area of social development. Kids are beginning to develop significant friendships and recognize the needs and feelings of others. Another big milestone is in the area of reading. This year children will read more independently than they have in any of the previous years.

Family Experiences: 3rd Grade



This is the year that children begin to see clear differences between themselves and others, which can lead children to suppress their individuality. We need to help children see that they are uniquely made. This is the year that children’s interests in multiple areas can peak, leading to increased chaos in scheduling.

Family Experiences: 4th Grade



The biggest change in development for 4th graders is the change in friendships. All of a sudden, they care what others think of them and want to fit in. Your child probably has at least one very close friend this year that they enjoy spending time with.

Family Experiences: 5th Grade



Fifth graders still want your encouragement, but they will rarely ask for it. This is the year that teasing and gossiping take center stage, and with your child’s desire to “fit in,” it can lead to a compromise of values. These big shifts make it even more important for you to help your child see how they are designed differently, on purpose.